Dear Colleagues,

The 40th National Congress of the Turkish Respiratory Society, RESPIRATION 2018 will be held in Antalya on October 13-16, 2018.  We are excited to be organizing another RESPIRATION Congress, which is the largest one in its field.

We were aware that we had a long and uphill road ahead when we first started our profession as physicians.  When we chose to specialize in the field of Pulmonology, we realized how worthy breathing was, which is the key element to life.  We protect our past by feeling gratitude towards our colleagues, who worked for the betterment of our field in the past, our today by curing our patients, and our future by following-up on and sharing science. While working together under the roof of this Society, our sole purpose is to bring the field of Pulmonology to a higher level. Starting its journey 47 years ago, the Turkish Respiratory Society is getting more and more stronger with each new colleague joining us.  And the RESPIRATION Congresses are the representation of this strength. We are strong when we are together, successful when we are together, and happy when we are together.


  • Image 1 Dr. Ali Musani
  • Image 1 Dr. James Jett
  • Image 1 Dr. Stavros Konstantinides
  • Image 1 Dr. Alberto Papi
  • Image 1 Dr. Florin Mihaltan
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  • Image 1 Dr. Antoni Torres
  • Image 1 Dr. Arzu Arı
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