Developments Relating To Residency Education In Pulmonary Diseases

Prof. Dr. Ali KocabaƟ

(President of the Turkish Qualification Board for Pulmonary Diseases)

Turkish Qualification Board for Pulmonary Diseases was founded in order to improve, raise the quality and standardize the pulmonary diseases residency education in Turkey, and to thereby contribute to the improvement of pulmonary health within the country. To this end, it has closely followed the developments in the field of health, educational sciences and residency education both in Turkey and across the world, and has become over the past 10 years one of the most effective qualification boards in Turkey.

The most important activities the Board has conducted during this period was determining the overall situation with regards to lung health in our country, determining the status of residency training in pulmonary diseases in Turkey, conducting competency exams on a yearly basis, and preparing curricula for residency education programs.

In the following period, the Qualification Board aims to accredit educational institutions that have willingly began to implement this program; and to document and certify once again physicians who had received competency certificates at least 10 years ago.