TRS Directive on Support for International Congresses

  1. Members of the Turkish Respiratory Society who have duly paid all of their monthly contributions can apply for TRS’s Support for International Congresses.
  2. For international congresses (ERS, ATS, ACCP, ESTS); support will be provided for experimental and clinical studies, and for studies that involve original research, oral presentations or poster discussions.
  3. The total sum of the support that is provided will be equal to the congress registration fee.
  4. The application for support must be performed by the person who will present the study. The documents that are required for an application are listed below. The required documents should be sent by e-mail or regular mail.
    1. The acceptance letter for the relevant study, sent by the committee organizing the congresses.
    2. A print-out/except from the congresses’ web site, mentioning the relevant study.
    3. A petition for application, addressed to the Central Administrative Board of TRS
    4. For oral presentations; only the first name on study to be presented or the person to whom the acceptance letter of the congress was addressed to may benefit from TRS’S support. For poster presentations, on the other hand; a person who is not the first name on study and who will not present the study during the congress may benefit from TRS’s support only on condition that the first name/the presenter of the study (or both of them, if they are different individuals) writes a petition to TRS’s Central Administrative Board, requesting that the support he/she is normally entitled to is provided to another person. This petition should describe that there are no other persons in the study team that might benefit from the support, and request that the international congress support is provided to the abovementioned person who is neither the first name on the study nor the study’s presenter.
  5. The application should be performed more than three months in advance before the beginning date of the congress.
  6. The application will be evaluated during the first Central Administrative Board Meeting that is held following the application date. The applicant will be informed by e-mail or regular mail regarding the Board’s approval or rejection of his/her application.
  7. In case an application is approved; TRS’s support for the congress will be deposited directly to the applicant member’s bank account number.
  8. During its first meeting of the year; the Central Administrative Board of TRS will determine total sum of the support that will be provided throughout the year for international congresses, and announce this sum on its web site.