The Purpose of the Society

TRS is the first non-profit, national, professional and scientific society of Pulmonologists established in Turkey. The main purpose of the society is to “Protect the pulmonary health of the Turkish people by supporting social and professional education and research.” TRS, which represents the first scientific professional organization in Turkey in the field of Pulmonary Diseases, is currently continuing its efforts for institutionalization. The structural and administrative changes performed by the administrative board during the 2004-2006 period focused, on one hand, in increasing participation and rendering the society more open to innovation and change; and, on the other hand, in placing greater emphasis on initiatives relating to “Social Education,” which are defined as part of TRS’s objectives.

According to our charter, the objectives of our society can be summarized as follows:

  • To improve the existing body of knowledge regarding the structure, function and diseases of the Respiratory System by conducting and organizing research, and to distribute such research on these areas through all available means and organs of publication.
  • To conduct medico-social studies in these areas.
  • To establish foundations and organizations that will conduct studies in these areas.
  • To cooperate with scientific organizations in foreign countries that conduct studies and activities in similar areas.
  • To organize, in this context, scientific meetings for physicians, as well as educational and informative meetings for the general public.